May 5, 2014

Phantogram @ The RITZ Ybor 6/29/2014


Can a band working in relative isolation craft music that resonates with listeners around the world? Can that band and its music evolve and connect with an ever-widening audience without sacrificing quality or compromising integrity?

When the band in question is Phantogram, the answer to both is unequivocally “yes.” And Voices provides indisputable proof.

The New York duo’s second full-length album catches the ear quickly, melding hazy dream pop, dark atmospheres, and head-knocking rhythms into a compelling, original sound. Opener “Nothing But Trouble” contrasts waves of distortion with Sarah Barthel’s beguiling soprano, underpinned by Josh Carter’s gritty urban beats. Moments later, the staccato vocal hook and layered rhythms of “Black Out Days” drive the listener deep into a fever dream of echo and atmospherics. But do not confuse immediacy with instant gratification. The impact of Phantogram’s songs intensifies over time.

Tickets to Phantogram's show at The RITZ Ybor on Sunday, June 29, 2014 with Bad Things are $20.00 in advance, and can be purchased online RIGHT HERE.  Doors to the show open at 7pm.

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