March 19, 2013

Bad Religion concert: formal response & public apology

Dear patrons of the Bad Religion concert at The RITZ Ybor,

The RITZ Ybor deeply regrets any inconvenience that was caused at the Bad Religion concert on Saturday, March 16, 2013. Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Fire Marshall expressed a capacity concern that evening. This concern prevented The RITZ Ybor from  allowing anyone inside the venue as well as allowing any patron into the Theater Ballroom until all measures were reviewed. During that time period, our staff shared our door clicker counts, wristband counts, number of collected tickets and our operation procedures with the Fire Marshall before our venue could receive clearance to let patrons back inside the Theater Ballroom and even inside the venue.

When our procedures checked out and the Fire Marshall finally granted clearance for patrons to enter the venue and re-enter the Theater Ballroom, it was unfortunately near the end of Bad Religion’s set leading many concertgoers to rightfully become upset. The RITZ Ybor was not in any type of capacity violation. The show was not oversold. The venue completely followed all rules and regulations. The RITZ Ybor was in complete compliance, and handled the sudden situation as best as we could.

Last Saturday’s Bad Religion concert at The RITZ Ybor was not sold out and not at capacity when the Fire Marshall stopped by.

The RITZ Ybor team has met to fully discuss the timeline and details of what happened last Saturday night. We have received numerous e-mails and phone calls, and felt it necessary to issue a formal response and public apology.

To prevent a situation like this from arising in the future, The RITZ Ybor team has set-up a meeting this week with the Fire Marshall to discuss those preventative measures. The safety of our patrons and employees is of the utmost concern for everyone at The RITZ Ybor, and our staff is regularly trained to deal with any types of safety issues.

On behalf of The RITZ Ybor owners, corporate company, management and staff, we are deeply sorry for the inconvenience experienced last Saturday night at our venue. We sincerely appreciate your support as patrons, and thank you for taking the time to read this.