December 20, 2012

Churchill @ The RITZ Ybor 1/29/2012


Tampa, FL - The RITZ Ybor presents Churchill live at The RITZ Ybor on Tuesday, January 29, 2013. 
Churchill singer/guitarist Tim Bruns and mandolin player Mike Morter have been making folk-infused rock songs with delicate bluegrass flair together since the first day they met.   In 2009, Bruns and Morter added bassist Tyler Rima, drummer Joe Richmond, and keyboardist/singer Bethany Kelly to their lineup, a move that vastly expanded their sound and birthed the high-energy alt-country/pop-rock hybrid that is Churchill.

As with all of Churchill’s releases so far, Change EP is entirely self-produced and self-recorded by the band to truly capture the raw, frenetic energy of their live show.   Their upcoming debut for A&M/Octone, offers up a selection of songs that flaunt their supreme skills in blending hook-laced pop with soulfully charged, lushly textured rock.  From the freewheeling country swing of “Ark in a Flood” (a sprawling anthem marked by soaring, sunny harmonies) to the Motown strut of “Change” (a gorgeously pained love song on which Kelly’s tough but tender vocals take the lead), Change EP enlists Churchill as an outfit that’s both classic in sensibility and undeniably fresh in sound.

Always honored to be on stage, Churchill's live experience is a major part of  how they effectively leave their audience feeling hopeful and ready to change the world. 

Churchill is comprised of Tim Bruns (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Tyler Rima (bass), Bethany Kelly (vocals and keys),  Joe Richmond (drums) and Mike Morter (mandolin, banjo, lead guitar, uke and crowd-pleasing).
Doors for the concert open at 7pm with the show tentatively scheduled to start at 8pm.
General Admission tickets are $14.00 and can be purchased online RIGHT HERE or at The RITZ Ybor Box-Office open 1pm to 6pm every Wednesday thru Saturday, and at 12pm on day of shows.  Tickets can also be purchased via phone by calling The RITZ Ybor Box-Office at (813) 248-9210.

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